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All hunts in Kyrgyzstan & Tajikistan are based from permanent camps with electricity and sauna/bath facilities.

All hunts utilize horses in day to day hunting.

7 Day Mid-Asian Ibex – August 15 thru November 30 & January 10 thru February 28. This country produces exceptional trophies and the average Ibex taken is in the 45” class with a chance for animals in the low 50’s - $8,000 (1x1) & $7,000 (2x1). A 2nd Ibex can be harvested for a $4,000 trophy fee. Wolf at no additional cost.

10 Day Marco Polo Sheep (Hume Argali) – September 1 thru December 15. These hunts can be guided by American or Canadian guides for a fee upgrade. Rams average 45” to 53”. Rams over 53” are taken each year but should be considered the top 10% - $30,000 (1x1). Marco Polo (Hume Argali) & Ibex Combo - $34,000.


7 Day Dagestan Tur – July 1 thru December 31. A unique animal, in a unique part of the world. Average trophies will be 30” to 35” in length and tip to tip spreads of 35” plus inches are not uncommon -$9,000 to $11,000 depending on number of hunters. A 2nd Tur may be taken for a $4,500 trophy fee.


11 Day Marco Polo – September 15 thru December 15 & January 10 thru February 28. This is the land of the “Giant rams”! Average size here will be in the mid to high 50’s with 60” to 65” attainable. Again, these hunts can be supported by American or Canadian guides - $42,000 (1x1). Ibex may be harvested for a $4,000 trophy fee.

5 Day Mid-Asian Ibex – $7,250 (1x1) - Hunt area is located within 4 to 5 hours of Dushanbe, negating a long drive to camp. Average size here is 40” to 45”, however 50” is attainable.

8 Day Afghan Urial/Wild Boar - $37,500 (1x1) -Again, hunt area is located relatively close to Dushanbe, requiring a 3 to 4 hour drive. This is a real hunt, utilizing horses and foot hunting methods. Estimated 300 to 500 sheep in the area with many large rams, so a hunter can be selective. 

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